Back in 1966 when Northampton Shooting Ground was first established, most clay shoots were held in farmers’ fields, laid out with a few straw bales.

But all that changed when a small group of enthusiastic clay pigeon shooters were inspired by the dream of a local club which could offer good permanent facilities to its members.

Over its first 10 years, the club grew slowly until in 1976, Ben Muttock and his wife Nanette, took over the running of the club and its facilities.

Their vision was to expand the club, investing in new facilities for both members and visiting shooters from around the country.

Ben and Nanette have been joined by other members of the family over the years and together, they have developed Northampton Shooting Ground to offer a range of popular corporate shooting days, private parties and full tuition, whilst continuing to support the popular and enthusiastic gun club at the site and registered CPSA shooting.

Today, Northampton Shooting Ground is still a family run concern, retaining the original values of a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, together with professional and efficient organisation and excellent facilities.